"Success is achieving what money can't buy." – Augusto Cury


The Flux invites you to be part of this large family that has been in action since 2008.
Entrepreneurship, creative spirit and dedication of all people are the reason for the whole project in current growth.
We count, throughout the brand, with a diversified range of products, always looking to meet the needs of the consumer.
We are present in 4 continents, respecting the values of each of them, thus creating a business harmony in all its units. From the very beginning we have invested in people looking for a challenge, who want to add something of value to the world and who are willing to work every day to fulfill it.
This is the attitude that moves our team and makes our business partners feel that they are part of something special. It is with this attitude that our company presents itself to the market.


Our goal is to bring action and dynamism to your business, with a professional and effective service, which offers solutions, with products of quality and durability, prioritizing the speed and agility in the delivery and after-sales process. We want to promote value in the environment in which we are part by providing a better life for our community.


Our focus is to be the best among the best.


✓ We value people;
✓ We manage the business in a transparent way;
✓ We lead our teams to serve you better;
✓ We value economic, social sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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